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Color Palette Inspo

I’ve thought about the color palette daily from the moment we considered buying this house.

Choosing paint colors can really stress me out. I can spend hours at the store looking at Benjamin Moore paint swatches and still end up walking out with 20 or so samples.

I’ve decided to stick with what I know. I’ve always chosen neutral timeless colors and knew I should do the same here. With the space being so dark we needed to majorly lighten it up. We decided to keep the walls as close to white as possible and considering painting the trim gray or beige.

I wanted to add some nautical charm to the space and enhance those whites, grays and beiges with a pop of color.

Color can push me out of my comfort zone so I thought the obvious choice would be to stay with a classic navy but I’ve recently been inspired to throw some slate toned blues and grays into the mix.


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